Learning Disabilities


Learning Disabilities: Resources for Treatment, Research and News

Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney and many other extremely successful people in history overcame learning disabilities despite a lack of information and tools to help them. Today, those with learning disabilities have the benefit of technology to help them succeed. Learn about learning disability symptoms, the importance of proper diagnosis, treatment plans and available resources.

What Are Learning Disabilities?

Learning disabilities are never outgrown, but with proper identification, support and intervention, ... read more »

Types of Learning Disabilities

There are many types of LDs, such as dyscalculia (trouble with math), dysgraphia (trouble with ... read more »

Treatment for Learning Disabilities

The more parents understand the treatment options for learning disabilities, the ... read more »

Learning Disabilities Support

If you or your child is struggling with an LD, there's plenty of learning disabilities ... read more »

College Life With Learning Disabilities

If your child is going off to school, you'll want her to be as prepared as possible. Use the sites ... read more »

Learning Disability Research and News

Whether you're an adult with a learning disorder or the parent of a child with an LD, you may ... read more »

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