Down Syndrome

Gregory Bull/AP
An artist moves paintings at the Mexican School of Down Art in Mexico City, Oct. 19, 2007.

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic condition that causes a person to face a distinct set of physical and mental challenges. Although raising a Down syndrome child or supporting an adult with the condition can be difficult, having the right information can make life a little easier for everyone.

What Is Down Syndrome?

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Down Syndrome Testing and Treatment

Down syndrome tests can be performed during pregnancy or after a baby is born. Although there is no ... read more »

Preparing for a Down Syndrome Child

Children with Down syndrome often face special challenges that parents must be ready for. The Web ... read more »

Down Syndrome Educational Programs

With programs catered specifically to special needs children and adults, people with Down syndrome ... read more »

Finding Support for Down Syndrome

Difficult situations can be made easier to handle with the help and knowledge provided by a good ... read more »

Down Syndrome Research and News

Keep current with Down syndrome research and news developments using the Web sites included here. read more »

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