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When enjoying a glass of the fruit of the vine, don’t forget the Wine Web Guide. The Web is an excellent resource for the vintner, the sommelier, the enthusiast and the wine newbie. Whether you're looking for information on buying and selling wine, the health risks and benefits of wine, the different varieties and regions for wine, or the best kosher wines available, the Wine Web Guide offers you a world-class education in all aspects of wine, from the grapevine to the glass.

In the findingDulcinea Web Guide to Tasting, Buying and Storing Wine, you'll not only discover how (and why) to swirl the wine in your glass, you’ll also learn how to select the right bottle, where to order the accessories you need to start a respectable wine collection, and get up to speed on proper wine storage techniques.

Use the findingDulcinea Web Guide to Wine Collecting to learn how to buy and sell wine at auction, and track and evaluate specific vintages. Establish a stronger wine collection with online resources that show you how to assess, purchase and store your wine, and get tips for organizing and optimizing your cellar space.

The findingDulcinea Web Guide to Wine Travel can help you sip your way across France’s Burgundy region, or settle in for a weekend in Napa Valley.

In the findingDulcinea Web Guide to Making Wine, you'll learn how to grow grapes in a small garden, with kits and presses, and even how to dive into viniculture at large.

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