Beer Guide and History

Beer: From Beer Brewing to Beer Drinking

There's a lot more to beer than Bud Light. Today, people are paying attention to the fine flavors of lagers, ales and stouts. Learn more about this noble beverage (nearly as old as civilization itself) with help from the sites in this Beer Web Guide. Discover the history of beer and its varieties; how to pour, store and drink it to maximize its flavor; how to pair beer and food; and how to find local and international breweries.

The History of Beer

Man’s appreciation of beer dates back longer than you might ... read more »

Types of Beer

Types of Beer are determined by their brewing ... read more »

Drinking Beer

Learn techniques of drinking beer that ... read more »

Beer Reviews

The following Web sites provide beer reviews, ... read more »

Buying Beer Online

The Internet makes it easy to have beer delivered to your doorstep. ... read more »


Imagine having a constant source of beer brewed exactly to your liking. ... read more »

Beer Breweries

Visiting beer breweries is a fun, interactive ... read more »

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