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Food: Recipes, Restaurant Reviews, Healthy Diets and More

With findingDulcinea’s Food Web Guide, you’ll get up-to-date restaurant reviews, recipes, overviews of healthy diets and much more. We’ll help you find old favorites like Cheerwine soda and get organic and specialty food items delivered to your door. Learn about ingredient substitutions or watch a cooking tutorial. Whatever your inclination, we’ll help you taste, cook and order your favorite foods.

Food Resources Online

Meatloaf again? Give your taste buds a much-needed pick-me-up with these inspiring food Web sites and blogs. Find recipes, cooking tips, restaurant reviews, advice about wine and lots of other food talk from people with a passion for food.

Insights for Food Resources Online

  • Blogs provide a way to read someone else's personal rants and raves about cuisine and life. If you're looking for straightforward information about food and are not interested in extra narrative, blogs may not be for you.
  • If you have a question that you can't seem to find the answer to on any site, try writing the question on a food Web site's message board. You may get an answer from another user.

Top Sites for Food Resources Online

For food Web sites …
For the online versions of food newspapers, magazines or television shows …
To read the personal chronicles of food lovers …
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Specialty Foods

If you've ever wondered what people mean when they talk about the bouquet of a wine or why cheese with mold on it can be considered a delicacy, these specialty foods and libations Web sites can help. Pick up the basics or get the details about specialty food items like wine, beer, coffee, tea, cheese and chocolate.

Insights for Specialty Foods

  • You won’t become an expert just by reading; the best way to learn what you like (or dislike) is to try various specialty foods yourself.
  • Can’t find the specialty food you're looking for here? See the "Food Resources Online" section above, and look for message boards or forums on more general food sites that deal specifically with your food of choice.
  • For more information on each of these specialty items, visit findingDulcinea's Web Guides to Wine, Beer, Coffee, Tea and Chocolate.

Top Sites for Specialty Foods

For wine ...
For coffee ...
For cheese ...
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Restaurant Review Sites

Tired of cooking? The Internet has plenty of resources to help you discover a new favorite eatery. Below you'll find restaurant review sites that usually include menus and links to a restaurant's Web site.

Insights for Restaurant Reviews

  • If you’re looking for a particular restaurant, try entering its name as well as your city into a search engine. There are a number of duplicate restaurant names nationwide, so specifying your city can help you find the right restaurant.
  • A restaurant's site is typically going to show you only positive information and reviews, so use independent restaurant review sites to find unbiased opinions.
  • If you have a spectacular (or spectacularly disappointing) experience with a restaurant, post a review of your own on the restaurant review site of your choice. This is especially valuable if your experience was contrary to the opinions that you'd read about the restaurant.

Top Sites for Restaurant Reviews

To find a restaurant nearby ...
For restaurant review sites ...
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Food Delivery Services

It is possible to get more than just pizza and Chinese food delivered to your doorstep. You might be surprised at the number of establishments that offer food delivery services, especially in larger cities. The Web offers directories of delivery options and helps you find menus and restaurant reviews. In many cases, you can even place your order online.

Insights for Food Delivery Services

  • The restaurants that allow you to place your order online often offer Web-only deals. Check and see if you can get a discount on your food delivery service.
  • Some third-party sites make menus available. Although these menus can give you an idea of what a restaurant offers, the pricing and selection is sometimes outdated. Check with the restaurant to verify the menu.
  • To avoid surprises, ask about food delivery service charges before you place your order.
  • Some restaurants let you pay over the telephone with a credit card. If you don’t have cash on hand, ask if you can pay in advance for your food delivery. (Remember to add a tip to the charge placed on the card.)

Top Sites for Food Delivery Services

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Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping makes it possible to buy your food online and have it delivered directly to your front door. There are also plenty of Web sites that can help you organize your shopping list and find out what deals are available in your area.

Insights for Online Grocery Shopping

  • Before you start stocking up on items, take a look at these articles about how long you can store your food before it goes bad. Real Simple provides a list of some surprising expiration dates. BusinessWeek gives some general guidelines, regulations and information about expiration dates.
  • One way to ease yourself into online grocery shopping is to use a site that tracks your grocery lists and helps you find coupons before you start making purchases online.
  • If you have a product that you especially like, check the manufacturer's site for coupons. You can also check coupon sites like Ebates to find printable coupons. For more coupon sites, see our FindingDulcinea Shopping Web Guide.
  • The Internet is a handy place to buy hard-to-find or international grocery items.
  • As you do your online grocery shopping, be aware of delivery fees and other delivery specifications. For example, many companies only deliver grocery items during certain time slots.
  • There are some grocery delivery sites, such as, that deliver only to certain regions of the country. These online grocery shopping sites be convenient and inexpensive alternatives to the national delivery sites.
  • There are a number of grocery sites that specialize in certain ethnic cuisines. Some examples include for Greek food, for Mexican food and for Polish food.

Top Sites for Online Grocery Shopping

To save money on groceries ...
To have your online grocery shopping delivered ...
Online grocery shopping for specialty or hard-to-find items ...
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You may never need to buy a cookbook again. You can find recipes online for almost any dish imaginable, and search for recipes that include certain ingredients or specifications, such as "black beans" or "healthy." Get hundreds of recipes online that cater specifically to your cooking tastes.

Insights for Recipes

  • User ratings and commentary can help you decide which online recipes to try. User comments can be especially valuable for ingredient substitutions or suggestions on how to improve a recipe.
  • Many of the recipes and cooking tips you find on the packaging of your favorite food products can also be found on the manufacturers' Web sites. Remember the original Chex Party Mix recipe?
  • You can find cooking tips on manufacturer sites both for food products (e.g., Butterball has turkey cooking tips on its site) and for cooking instruments (Weber's site has tips on grilling technique).

Top Sites for Recipes

For an online recipe database ...
For recipes and advice or community ...
For specialty online recipe sites ...
For culinary resources or tips ...
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Food and Health

The following food and health Web sites give you a deeper look at the value of your food. Learn what ingredients are helping or harming your body: You'll find nutritional information, government food specifications and suggestions for making your diet as healthy as possible.

Insights for Food and Health

  • In general, be wary of health Web sites. The Web is an easy place for misinformation to spread quickly (be especially skeptical of chain e-mails). If you are confused as to how to verify a Web site's credibility, see the findingDulcinea Guide to Web Search.
  • Consult your doctor before you begin any weight loss program or undergo a major change in diet.
  • You might be surprised by what your body is telling you: Take a look at this list of what food cravings really mean.

Top Sites for Food and Health

To find food and health news and information …
To find healthy food...
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Special Diets

There’s no reason to limit your food choices simply because you’re on a special diet. Use the Web to diversify your palate or to tailor your diet to specific needs, whether you are an athlete, have food allergies or want to try a specialized eating plan.

Insights for Special Diets

  • Use the restaurant and product listings from the following sites as a reference, but make sure to inquire at a restaurant or read the ingredients of a food item before you consume it, to ensure that it complies with your special diet requirements or restrictions.
  • Consult the findingDulcinea Vegetarianism and Veganism Web Guides for more information on those special diets.

Top Sites for Special Diets

For vegetarian or vegan food information ...
For raw or living food information ...
For organic food information ...
For kosher food information ...
For people with diabetes ...
For people with food allergies ...
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