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With findingDulcinea’s Food Web Guide, you’ll get up-to-date restaurant reviews, recipes, overviews of healthy diets and much more. We’ll help you find old favorites like Cheerwine soda and get organic and specialty food items delivered to your door. Learn about ingredient substitutions or watch a cooking tutorial. Whatever your inclination, we’ll help you taste, cook and order your favorite foods.

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Restaurant Review Sites

Tired of cooking? The Internet has plenty of resources to help you discover a new favorite eatery. Below you'll find restaurant review sites that usually include menus and links to a restaurant's Web site.

Insights for Restaurant Reviews

  • If you’re looking for a particular restaurant, try entering its name as well as your city into a search engine. There are a number of duplicate restaurant names nationwide, so specifying your city can help you find the right restaurant.
  • A restaurant's site is typically going to show you only positive information and reviews, so use independent restaurant review sites to find unbiased opinions.
  • If you have a spectacular (or spectacularly disappointing) experience with a restaurant, post a review of your own on the restaurant review site of your choice. This is especially valuable if your experience was contrary to the opinions that you'd read about the restaurant.

Top Sites for Restaurant Reviews

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