For prospective parents unable to have a successful pregnancy, surrogate motherhood can be a viable option for having a family. This Surrogacy Web Guide can help you learn more about what surrogacy is, how to choose a surrogate and, if you’re considering becoming a surrogate mother, how to decide whether it’s the right choice for you.

Surrogacy Basics

It’s important to get familiar with surrogacy basics and learn about the ... read more »

Selecting a Surrogate or Egg Donation Agency

If you have chosen surrogacy as a means of having a child, the Web sites in this section can help ... read more »

Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Many women find surrogate motherhood a truly meaningful experience. Read on for help deciding if ... read more »

Connecting With Surrogate Mothers or Egg Donors

Learn more about surrogacy and share your experiences by connecting with surrogate mothers ... read more »

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