Interfaith Marriage


Interfaith Marriage

The number of couples marrying outside their religion in the United States has grown in recent years. Interfaith relationships come with special challenges, such as merging different beliefs for a wedding ceremony and deciding which religion children will follow. Use the Interfaith Marriage Web Guide to prepare for and cope with the difficulties that may face an interfaith couple.


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Preparing for Interfaith Marriage

Discussing some of the important matters surrounding interfaith marriage beforehand can help you ... read more »

The Challenges of Interfaith Marriage

Like any relationship, interfaith marriages can have their stressful moments. If you need advice on ... read more »

Planning an Interfaith Wedding

Interfaith marriages provide an opportunity to create a wedding ceremony that’s distinctly ... read more »

Finding Support in Interfaith Marriage

Whether your family is having a hard time with your decision to marry outside your faith, or you ... read more »

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