Most operas are tragedies, but your search for information about opera doesn’t have to be one. It’s possible for anyone with a computer to become an expert, find inexpensive tickets, and listen to the best opera recordings. And if you’re already an opera buff, use the Internet to stay connected with the worldwide opera community, locate the best CDs and DVDs, and share your love with others.

Opera Basics

Below, you’ll find databases for researching operas, their various components, and related ... read more »

News and Reviews of Opera

Opera is an international art, and using the Internet as your source for news and reviews puts the ... read more »

Buying Opera Tickets

You might think going to the opera is an old-fashioned activity, but you certainly don’t have ... read more »

Libretti and English Translations of Opera

Unless you’re fluent in the language of the opera’s libretto, it might be difficult to ... read more »

Buying Opera Recordings

Despite the high value placed on live opera performance, many opera buffs are almost as ... read more »

Opera Communities and Blogs

Although opera tends to be focused on singing and listening, you can also share your love of it by ... read more »

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