Whether you've got a passion for the classics or you're an indie rock addict, staying up to date with everything that’s going on in the music world can require real effort. Fortunately, the Internet can make your task a little easier. On it, you'll find tools for buying music, listening to music, discovering new music, and even making music. Or you can read all the available news and reviews, find bloggers who are writing about the music you love, and buy concert tickets. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.

Buy Music

It may be hard to get music for free online, but your options for buying it are manifest. ... read more »

Listen to Music Online

The industry may be cracking down on illegal downloading, but it's possible to stream music for ... read more »

Music News and Reviews

Whether you love to read gossip, interviews, long features, or reviews, you can get your fix ... read more »

Buy Concert Tickets

There's nothing quite like hearing your favorite band live. Unfortunately, it can be hard to ... read more »

How to buy an instrument

Buying a musical instrument is no small matter. You want to find the instrument that's exactly ... read more »

Research Music

Maybe you live and breathe music and are always looking for more information about the music you ... read more »

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