Halloween: Get Wicked on the Web

It's the second largest commercial holiday in America, but your Halloween celebration can be as homemade or as far over the top with special effects as you want. On the Web, you can discover the history of this holiday, learn to plan a spooky party, find that costume you've dreamt about since last year, become an expert pumpkin carver, or find the most terrifying haunted house in your neck of the woods.

History of Halloween

You’ve probably heard the phrase “all hallows” floating around at this time of ... read more »

Halloween Costumes

On the Web, finding a Halloween costume can be as detailed as hunting down pink silk to make your ... read more »

Halloween Decorations

If you want to create eye-catching décor or intricately carved jack-o’-lanterns to ... read more »

Planning a Halloween Party

Everyone loves a good party, but not everyone is a good party planner. That’s where the Web ... read more »

Halloween Safety

Dressing up in costume and traipsing through the neighborhood on a quest for candy is the highlight ... read more »

Movies and Music for Halloween

What would your favorite scary movie be without the ominous background music? Not quite as scary, ... read more »

Halloween Events

A spine-tingling haunted house, nighttime hayride, or outlandish costume parade can enhance your ... read more »

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