Maybe you’re trying to figure out where you’ve seen that soloist before, deciding to subscribe to a company’s season or wondering what it means to have a good attitude. The sources below will help you take a deeper look at ballet. Find histories, dancer bios, and reviews from around the world; get a live experience by buying your ballet tickets online; or get in touch with ballerinas and ballet fans via a dance forum.

Ballet History and Research

The history of ballet began in 1661, and new ballets are being written, choreographed and performed ... read more »

News and Reviews of Ballet

Quality ballets are performed all over the country and world, and the Internet resources can help ... read more »

Buy Ballet Tickets

Ballet’s an old art, but you can purchase your tickets using modern technology. Make your ... read more »

Ballet Blogs and Forums

With all the hours ballerinas have to spend rehearsing , it’s surprising that any of them ... read more »

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