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The Web, itself a source for entertainment, is also the best resource for every other form of entertainment. No other tool can locate a movie, TV show, game, musical composition, or commentary upon request, and also deliver it to you, possibly in real time, on your personal computer screen. Knowing how to locate what you want is key: the findingDulcinea Entertainment Web Guide will tell you how to go, where to go, and what you’ll find there.

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Celebrity and Entertainment News

The lives of celebrities and the fast-paced worlds of the music, film, and television industries can be endlessly fascinating and delightfully ridiculous. Whether you want to find out who designed a celebrity’s outfit, discover new musicians, or get the scoop on next summer’s box office hit, there is a Web site that can help you.

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  • You can find your favorite entertainment magazines or television shows online. Some examples are Entertainment Weekly, Variety, and Access Hollywood.
  • Most of the entertainment news sites below are relatively tame, but there are lots of gossip blogs that provide much more opinionated, exaggerated, or risqué celebrity and industry news. If that’s more up your alley, try searching for entertainment news of your choice on a blog search engine like Technorati.
  • Looking for concert listings or tickets to another event? Check out the “What’s going on out there?” section of this guide.

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