Students’ Guide to Web Search

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Students’ Guide to Web Search

Sure, the Internet is filled with cool sites like MySpace and YouTube, and lots of sites overflowing with information and help for homework assignments. But how do you know if a Web site is a good one? How do you know if the information it contains is truly reliable? The Students' Guide to Web Search helps you learn how to tell a good site from a garbage site, and shows you how to start searching smart.

How Search Engines Work

Using search engines such as Google or Yahoo is one of the fastest ways to find information on the ... read more »

Using Search Engines to Get Better Search Results

Did you know there are lots of ways to make search engines find better results? There are even ... read more »

Evaluating Web Sites

Search engines can’t tell whether a site has reliable or credible information. Even search ... read more »

Starting an Online Research Project

The most obvious places to start looking for facts online are search engines, but they’re not ... read more »

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