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How to Write a Biography

At some point in their academic careers, all students will be required to write a biography. In this guide, learn how to write a biography with tips for every phase of the process, from planning to research and writing. And because a biography is only as good as the author’s research, find links below to the best sources of biographical information on the Web, including interviews and obituaries.

Tips for Writing a Biography

Get advice on how to write a biography from those who have done it before. The following resources ... read more »

Researching for a Biography

Encyclopedias, newsmagazines and history Web sites are good places to begin your research. Many ... read more »


Interviews have the potential to offer writers an intimate window into a person’s world, and ... read more »


Obituaries are a useful source of biographical information for deceased persons. Found in all major newspapers, obituaries contain details of a person’s life and work, and describe their relevance and cultural impact.

Insights for Obituaries

  • Rather than go directly to one specific paper for an obituary, try getting a broad cross-section by using a search engine. For example, if you’re looking for obits on British Author J.G. Ballard, enter “jg ballard obituary” into your favorite search engine. Such a search will pull up obits written on the author from the top British and American newspapers.

Top Sites for Obituaries

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