Where is Timbuktu? Kalamazoo? Which South American country boasts two capital cities? What state has the longest coastline? Learn the answers to these questions and more with the Geography Web Guide. The Web sites included here help students learn, provide resources for teachers and challenge even the most devoted geography lovers.

Geography Basics

Use the Web sites below to get an introduction to geography basics and assess the ... read more »

Physical Geography

Readers searching for specific information on physical geography, such as islands, ... read more »

Human Geography

Geography influences foreign policy, trade, warfare even health care. The human ... read more »

Early Explorers

Use the Web sites below to find biographies, travel routes, journals and sensational stories of the ... read more »


Teeming with maps of every variety, the Web sites below can point you in the right direction. Get ... read more »

Geography Lesson Plans

The Web sites below are devoted to making geography a rich experience for students.  ... read more »

Geography Games

Scramble your brains trying to remember the capital of Ghana or locate the Midway Islands. ... read more »

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