Post-College Survival

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Life After College: Post-College Survival Techniques

Don’t worry: Life doesn’t go completely downhill after you leave college. But the first few years after you graduate can be pretty tough. To help alleviate the burden, scour the resources in this Life After College Web Guide. You’ll learn how to get a job, avoid getting a job, search for an apartment and make new friends. We’ve even got financial tips and (spoiler alert!) advice about how soon you need to start saving for retirement. The party is just getting started.

Finding a Job After College

Depending on how your luck turns out, a job might fall in your lap, or be harder to secure than a ... read more »

How to Find an Apartment

You’re probably determined to have the most fantastic first apartment ever, but the real ... read more »

Financial Planning After College

Once upon a time, expensive textbooks were the bane of your existence. Although graduating college ... read more »

Applying to Graduate School and Finding Fellowships

Whether you want to be a doctor, lawyer or specialist in the evolution of Etruscan art, find out ... read more »

Social Life After College

Adjusting to college took a little work. But once you realized that your roommate could help you ... read more »

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