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New York for Students and Interns

Securing your internship or getting into your summer program required a ton effort. Now comes the fun part: planning your move to New York. Even if it’s just a few months, moving to New York is equal parts challenging and thrilling. Make the hard parts easier and the fun parts more fabulous with the New York for Students and Interns Web Guide.

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New York Apartments for Students and Interns

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New York Transportation

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New York Emergency Services

Hopefully, your stay in New York City will be a smooth one. But should an emergency arise, you can find a doctor, drug store, locksmith or plumber at any hour. Use the sites below for information on finding New York emergency services.

Insights for New York Emergency Services

  • The directory sites listed below also offer valuable information on other topics. Use them to find restaurants, shopping locations, car services and transportation, gyms, travel services and more.
  • Many of the businesses you’ll find in the directories are also reviewed on sites such as Citysearch and Yelp. If you have time, run a search on a business or clinic you might visit to get customer reviews.

Top Sites for New York Emergency Services

To find a 24-hour pharmacy or medical facility in New York …
To find a locksmith in New York …
To find a plumber in New York …
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