Business Etiquette


Business Etiquette

Understanding what to say and how to act in the office are just as important as knowing how to do your job. Fortunately, findingDulcinea has pooled together the best sites on the Web to help you practice proper business etiquette, from what to wear to how to ask for a raise.

Business Etiquette Resources

Some basic etiquette rules for business to help you get by at the office, along with links to specific dos and don'ts and the difference between what is simply frowned upon in the office, and what is illegal.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • What you do online in your spare time (or at work) could put your job in jeopardy. That "harmless" tidbit on your blog about how much you hate your job just might be read by your boss, and might even get you fired.
  • Policies for Internet use at work differ depending on the company. So even if you are visiting great sites (like findingDulcinea), you might be violating company policy if you are doing it for personal purposes while on the clock. Understand your company's Internet use policy to make sure that you don't end up unknowingly breaking any rules.
  • Some behaviors, such as sexually harassing a coworker, are more than just frowned upon in the workplace-they are illegal. Take a look at the findingDulcinea Workplace Legal Issues Web Guide to learn more about what legally can, and can't, take place at work.
  • Need to get new clothes to meet your workplace dress code? See our findingDulcinea Shopping Guide to find out how you can do so and get the look (and price) that works for you.

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