On the Web you can find your first job, locate a headhunter to help you find a better job, seek a job in a distant city, or organize your freelance billing and record-keeping. Use the sites below to figure out what you should be paid, network with other professionals, understand proper workplace etiquette and learn about your rights as a worker.

Online classifieds, job boards and even virtual headhunting services make finding a job easy and convenient. The findingDulcinea Job Hunting Web Guide lists some of the best sites to help you find your dream job and provides basic tips on how to write a resume, network and interview.

For information about adequate income, health coverage and more, visit the findingDulcinea Salary, Health Insurance and Employee Benefits Web Guide.

The law guarantees employees fair and safe working conditions. To learn about workers' rights, from hiring practices to disability benefits, visit the findingDulcinea Workplace Legal Issues Web Guide.

How should you dress? Can you check your personal e-mail at the office? What if a co-worker uncovers compromising photos of you on the internet? Find the answers to these questions and more in the findingDulcinea Business Etiquette Web Guide.

Connecting with other people in your field is a great way to expand your understanding of the industry, find career-related events and learn about new job opportunities. The findingDulcinea Professional Networking Web Guide offers a comprehensive list of resources for networking both online and in person.

Keeping Up With Industry News: Trade Journals, Newsletters and Annual Reports

Staying on top of the latest news and developments in your industry can help you move to the top of your profession. If you're interested in saving a little paper (and possibly money) by getting your industry news online rather than in print, you'll find some great resources on the following sites.

Dulcinea's Insight

  • Joining a professional association or union is a good way to keep up with the newest developments in your industry. For sites that can help you find such organizations, read the "Connecting With Your Professional Community" section of this guide.
  • If you have a favorite industry publication that you read offline, you may be able to access some (or all) of the content on the Web. To find the publication's Web site, try adding ".com" to its name, or typing the name of the publication into a search engine such as Zuula.
  • Trade publications typically offer calendars of upcoming conferences, trade shows, and other events that you'll also be able to find on their Web sites.
  • Most annual trade shows or conferences have Web sites of their own to let you know what will be happening at the next event, who will be speaking, and how to register.

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