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Hidden Beach of the Week: Porat, Croatia

July 08, 2009
by Sarah Amandolare
With glistening otherworldly caves comparable to Capri’s, understated limestone cliffs, tasty fish and a European feel without the crowds, Porat beach on the Croatian island of Bisevo offers a tantalizing coastal experience.

Subdued Soaking on Porat

If you are looking to troll the turqoise waters of the Mediterranian without running into many other tourists, Porat beach on the small island of Bisevo may be just what you need. The island itself is only a few sqaure miles in size, but, according to Croatia's Best Beaches, has beaches and caves that rival the most beautiful in the Mediterranian.

There is a small field of grape vines and olive groves at the center of the island of Bisevo. The island has several caves, including its most famous, the Modra Spilja (Blue Grotto), which tends to draw many visitors. However, according to Concierge.com, the beach of Porat is still a well-kept secret. Porat has only a handful of permanent residents, and just one restaurant and bar, so you can enjoy your stay without running into many people.

Getting to Porat via Vis

The tiny island of Bisevo is not accessable by plane, and so you'll need to take a boat to visit the island and Porat beach. Ferry boats can take you to Bisevo from the larger islands nearby. Arrive by tour boat, or rent your own on a nearby island to relax on the beach without adhering to any schedule.

Many people make Porat a day trip from another nearby island, such as from Vis Island. Vis has a similar climate to the Greek Isles, according to Condé Nast Traveller, which makes the area perfect for ferryboats and sailing. Even the larger Vis Island does not have an airport, so getting there involves taking a ferry from nearby Split, which has its own airport. Information on flights to Split can be found on Croatia Airlines.

Where to Stay in Porat Beach

Because Bisevo is such a small island, there are few accomodation options there (and even fewer at Porat beach), however the Krk County tourism board lists a few private apartment rentals on Porat, with photos and listings of details such as distance from the beach.

Another option is to book a room in Komiza, on Vis Island, and you’ll be a quick boat trip away from Porat beach. Taxi boats depart every morning for Bisevo Island and return in the afternoon. While you’re there, enjoy Komiza’s vineyards and citrus trees, and the 17th Century Monastery of St. Nicholas. Check Dalmatianet.com for general apartment listings on Vis, and scroll down to Komiza in the sidebar for accommodations there.

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