Vancouver Olympics

Jean-Claude Killy, Jean-Claude Killy grenoble, Jean-Claude Killy celebrating, Jean-Claude Killy gold
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Jean-Claude Killy is mobbed by admirers after winning his second gold medal, Feb. 12. 1968.

No. 8: Jean-Claude Killy Wins Triple Crown of Alpine Skiing

Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy became a national hero while racing to three skiing golds at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics. The final race, the slalom, was run in a heavy fog. Killy appeared to have lost to Austrian Karl Schranz, who had been given a second run after being interfered by crowd security. However, a review of race determined that Schranz had missed two gates, giving the gold to Killy on what Sports Illustrated’s Dan Jenkins called “perhaps the most exciting day in the history of Alpine racing.”

Watch Killy’s Olympic triple.

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