Battleground States


Battleground States: Ohio

July 19, 2008
by findingDulcinea Staff
Ohio takes center stage as findingDulcinea analyzes its constituency and the concerns the candidates face campaigning there for the presidential election. The outcome of the November election hangs in the balance as races at the state and local levels influence voters.


If John Kerry had won Ohio in 2004, instead of losing it by 2 percentage points to George W. Bush, he would be our President right now. In this election, Ohio retains the significance it had four years earlier. The candidates will campaign hard through November to win over the Buckeye State’s diverse electorate. Like elsewhere in the country, Obama hopes for high turnout among key constituencies such as labor, young voters and African-Americans. John McCain hopes to harness and mobilize the impressive socially conservative political organization left in the wake of George W. Bush’s 2004 efforts.

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