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Clever Ways to Use Easter and Passover Leftovers

April 19, 2011
by Haley A. Lovett
At the end of a big holiday, leftovers are almost impossible to avoid. If you find yourself buried in boxes of matzo, packages of Peeps, or baskets of hard boiled eggs, fear not, we found some great ways to use, and enjoy, your leftovers from Easter or Passover.

Using Leftover Peeps and Easter Candy

Those little marshmallowy Peeps are so enticing in the store before Easter, but once the egg hunts are over you may be left with packages of the confectionary bunnies or chicks, and nothing to do with them.

The Seattle Parenting Examiner suggests that you use Peeps to make floating heads Peeps Rice Krispie Treats. Use the Peeps bodies as a substitute for marshmallows in the treats, then put the little heads on top when you are done. 

Just because the weather at Easter might not be warm enough for camping, you don’t have to go without s’mores, or s’meeps in this case. Serious Eats suggests using some of those leftover Peeps to make a variation on the time-honored classic s’mores; you can just pop the chocolate, graham cracker and Peeps combo into your oven.

If you’d prefer not to eat Peeps in any form, you should consider using them to practice for next year’s Washington Post Peeps Show, an annual contest in which readers create a diorama featuring the squishy treats. This year’s winner was a depiction of the famous painting “Nighthawks,” called “NightPeeps.” If you find your calling in dressing up Peeps, you could start your own Peeps Web site, like this parody of "The Lord of the Rings" called Lord of the Peeps. 

As for the rest of your Easter candy, if the kids haven’t devoured it already, you can give them a follow-up sugar rush by using chocolate eggs and easter M&Ms to make Easter Egg Pie.

Using Your Leftover Matzo

It's understandable that some people might not want to look at matzo again for another year after eating so much of it during Passover, but if you can’t stand wasting what’s left of your matzo supply, here are some recipes that will add flavor to your unleavened bread.

One easy way to use matzo is to just put it in those same recipes you’ve been using all throughout Passover. Here is a collection of delicious dessert recipes that use matzo from—think matzo almond brittle, lemon cheesecake with matzo crust and more.

Matzo kugel, an egg and matzo-based casserole-type dish, is perfect for a brunch. Sometimes made sweet, this particular recipe from the New York Daily News is more savory and has onions and parsley.

Not too distant a relative of matzo kugel, matzo brie is a more pancake-like dish that can be served sweet with honey or syrup, or savory with onions or other veggies.

And, if eating more matzo just isn’t for you, take a look at these funny suggestions for using leftover matzo as guitar a pick, a license plate, a decorative element and much more.

Recipes With Eggs, Ham and Other Easter Leftovers

Plenty of casseroles feature eggs and ham, so after Easter is the perfect time to get cooking.

All Recipes has a casserole that calls for eggs, ham and mashed potatoes, which may have graced your Easter table, and could be the perfect way to use a few of those ingredients.

If you have too much ham leftover to handle, consider branching out and creating ham balls, a sort of meat ball using cooked ham. 

A more adventurous way to use up that ham is with deviled ham, a tuna salad-like dish that uses mustard, mayo, relish, Tobasco sauce, and of course, ham.

And if all of this cooking has gotten you stressed out, consider using your leftover eggs for some beauty treatments like a mask for dry hair, a serum for your eyes, or a skin-firming formula.

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