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Valentine's Day: Love on the Brain

February 11, 2009
by findingDulcinea Staff
Love: the mysterious, ancient phenomenon that strikes nearly everyone, whether we want it to or not. In the past couple of decades, researchers have picked up the topic usually left to Lord Byron and Shakespeare, enlightening us with case studies and breakthroughs that help explain this strange, unavoidable compulsion to devote oneself to another.

Chemistry, Real and Engineered


Face Time and the Battle of the Sexes

Unwedded Bliss?

Of course, not everyone is currently involved in a torrid romance. So what are the rest of us doing? A 2006 study by Pew Internet & American Life Project found out some interesting facts about Americans in and out of love. An article about the survey, “Not Looking for Love,” explores data from a substantial number of unmarried people who say that they are “not in a committed relationship” and “not looking for a partner.” Surprising? Read the full study at the Pew site.

We delved deeper into this trend last summer with the article "Fewer Wedding Bells Ring for Generation Y."

Attached at the Hip

Once married, it's been argued, the closer the relationship is between husband and wife, the better. Inspired by a Buddhist couple from Arizona who haven't been more than 15 feet away from each other in 10 years, a pair of professional writers followed one another around (sometimes attached by a string) for one day. You can watch their experiment and learn what happened in our "Must-See Video" feature.


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