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6 Sites with Cute Animals: Kitten Pics, Puppy Cams, Adorable Animation and More

December 19, 2008
by Liz Colville
One of the most enjoyable Internet activities is looking at cute stuff, particularly baby animals and their candid moments of mishap, triumph and model behavior. Here are six sites to help you get your daily dose of all things endearing.

The Fluffy Stuff

Cute Overload is a blog featuring user-submitted photos of adorable animals doing bad things, performing tricks or just sitting pretty. Recent additions include an analysis of the pros and cons of the pygmy tarsier, a recently discovered gremlin-like animal from Indonesia; a real-life Bambi and Thumper; and a rabbit who sneaks a bite of some greens while its owner’s fridge door is open. 

Baby Animalz is a straight-up photo grid comprising pictures of fuzzy ducks, fluffy Persians, those now-ubiquitous pygmy tarsiers, airborne turtles, momma-and-baby pairs and much more.

Kittenwar is not nearly as violent as the name implies. It pits two kittens against each other in a battle for cuteness. Click on a picture to vote for that kitten, and you’ll be taken to a fresh set of pictures.

The Daily Coyote is a unique blog about Shreve Stockton and his pet coyote, who was adopted at 10 days old after his parents were shot for killing sheep. Browse the blog for two years’ worth of pictures and videos of Charlie the coyote and his pals, Shreve’s cat and dog, who live in Wyoming.

“The” Puppy Cam

All their owners wanted to do was monitor their puppies while they were at work. It’s certainly not the only puppy cam on the Web, but the streaming video showing a litter of Shiba Inu puppies has become an Internet sensation. The Japanese hunting dogs, now a few months old, horse around in a large dog bed all day, and have been viewed millions of times via the video site Ustream, whose founders helped the video go viral.

Cute Gaming

Orisinal is a site with dozens of simple games you can play in your browser. Each one showcases a distinct breed of adorable animation. “Penguin Panic” requires you to shoot down penguins waddling at top speed across the screen; “Sunny Day Sky” features a car-hopping bear that uses an umbrella to take flight. Visit Orisinal’s CafePress store to buy clocks, shirts, mugs and more featuring the characters from the games.

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