Shannon Firth

Senior Writer and Audience Development Coordinator

Shannon has been with findingDulcinea since February 2008. She helps with site promotion by exploring partnerships, attending conferences, and engaging readers through social media channels. As a writer, her interests include psychology, science, literature, and human rights. She has a B.A. in Psychology and English from Georgetown University. To get updates from Shannon, follow her on Twitter.

Favorite Web site:
Psychology Today

Most Recent Articles by Shannon Firth

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    Around report card time many parents hear a familiar complaint: “My teacher just doesn’t like me.” Researchers at the University of Miami acknowledge there may be truth to these grumblings, and that “non-cognitive traits” influence students’ grades.
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    Kids who don’t read in summer are likely to fall behind when school resumes, and these losses summer after summer are cumulative, say experts. Here are seven suggestions to encourage strong reading habits in the summer months, and for years to come.