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Lindsey joined findingDulcinea in June of 2007. Previously, she worked for three years at an investment research firm, where she studied the energy industry, the stock market, and managed a small writing team. Lindsey also spent a short time as a legal assistant. She has a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Montana. To learn more about Lindsey visit her blog, Mommy Multitasking.

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Most Recent Articles by Lindsey Chapman

  • On This Day: Dust Storm Sweeps Across Great Plains
    On May 11, 1934, an enormous dust storm hit the Great Plains, blowing tons of topsoil as far east as Boston.
  • On This Day: Castro Allows Cubans to Emigrate in Mariel Boatlift
    On April 20, 1980, Fidel Castro announced that Cubans would be allowed to board ships in Mariel, Cuba, and leave the country, sparking an exodus of 125,000 Cubans to the United States.
  • Great Inventions: The Roller Coaster
    For many, the arrival of summer causes eager anticipation of trips to the amusement park. And roller coasters, the staple of the theme park experience, provide the most thrill and excitement. Modern roller coasters are the product centuries of innovation, and have a long history that predates the amusement park.
  • Happy Birthday, James P. Johnson, Jazz Pianist
    The 1920s were a dynamic time in American history. Flappers tested the limits of fashion. Bootleg liquor fought prohibition. In music, the era became known as the Jazz Age. And James P. Johnson, a budding pianist, became one of the best-known musicians of the time.
  • Happy Birthday, Simon Wiesenthal, “Nazi Hunter”
    Simon Wiesenthal was a Holocaust survivor. After World War II he spent nearly six decades tracking down hundreds of Nazi criminals whom he considered most responsible for the deaths of millions of Jews, gypsies and others during the war.