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Colleen joined findingDulcinea in April 2007. Her 15 years of copywriting experience includes writing for a start-up robotics company, an online gourmet foods importer, an engineering firm and a law firm. She also spent four years as a Direct Online Marketing Manager for John Wiley & Sons, producing and managing all e-mail and online promotions for seven product lines. In 2005, she taught English to children and adults in Mexico, and practiced her Spanglish in Guatemala and Cuba. Colleen has a B.A. in Languages and Literature from Bard College. To learn more about Colleen read her blog, Cha Cha Chow or follow Colleen on Twitter.

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Most Recent Articles by Colleen Brondou

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    This weekend, most Americans will lose an hour of sleep last night as daylight saving time takes effect. Why do we fall back one hour in the autumn, and spring ahead one hour in the spring?
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    Little is known about Sun Tzu, a Chinese military strategist, general and philosopher, believed to have lived in the sixth or fifth century B.C. But much has been written about the book attributed to him, “The Art of War,” the earliest and perhaps the most influential book ever written on the topic.
  • Darius I, King of Persia
    His administrative skill—and his intelligent and tolerant leadership—earned Darius I the title of Darius the Great. He built the magnificent city of Persepolis and left behind inscriptions telling the story of his successes.
  • Daylight Saving Time: Why Do We “Fall Back” and “Spring Ahead”?
    Most Americans lost an hour of sleep last night as daylight saving time took effect. Why do we “fall” back one hour in the autumn, and “spring” ahead one hour in the spring?