Liz Colville

Senior Writer & Outreach

Liz joined findingDulcinea in December of 2006. She has worked at JackRabbit Sports, a specialty running store, the Kind Group, a marketing and branding firm, and at an e-commerce start-up. She has also worked as a freelance music critic for Pitchfork Media and the former Stylus magazine. She has a B.A. in English, with a concentration in creative writing, from Wesleyan University. For more about Liz read her blog, Lizzyville.

Favorite Web sites:
  New York Magazine

Most Recent Articles by Liz Colville

  • On This Day: Steamer Sultana Explodes, Killing Civil War Veterans
    On April 27, 1865, the steamboat Sultana, carrying an estimated 2,000 Union veterans home in the dying days of the Civil War, exploded near Memphis, killing most of the men on board.
  • Making the Most of Libraries in the Digital Age
    The advent of the Internet has seen many people migrating from the library to the Internet to do research, but libraries are undoubtedly still the best option. Fortunately, it’s easy to find libraries with extensive collections on the Web.
  • Happy Birthday, Louis XV, King of France
    King Louis XV of France was known as “the Well-Beloved,” although he apparently did little to earn the name. He reigned for nearly 60 years over an unstable country whose financial and political decline culminated in the French Revolution. Culturally, Louis XV helped usher in the rococo period and the beginning of the Enlightenment.
  • 8 Sites for College Dorm Survival
    Living in a dorm is something that the vast majority of college students have to endure for at least a year. Here are some tips and Web sites to help you survive key aspects of dorm life: roommates, relationships, noise, the bathroom and drab décor.
  • What Is a Micronation?
    There are thousands of strange and unique micronations around the world whose founders stand up for their beliefs, regardless of whether anyone else does.