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    March, 2008

  • Travel Tales: Vieques, Puerto Rico - March 25, 2008 01:20 AM
    Vieques, Puerto Rico, is relatively unknown as a tourist destination: most know the island for its use as a training ground by the U.S. Navy from the 1940s until 2003. 
  • Travel Tales: Israel - March 24, 2008 01:20 AM
    I never had strong feelings about Israel until I heard about the Birthright program, at which point I started to have very strong feelings about the possibility of a free vacation. The Birthright program sponsors trips for 18–26 year old Jews who have never been to Israel. Although I’m no longer a practicing Jew, I was intrigued by Israel, and three weeks after graduating college, I was off to explore my roots.
  • Travel Tales: Malahide - March 20, 2008 01:20 AM
    Travelers who want to visit an Irish town without going too far from Dublin should head for Malahide. I visited Malahide only once, but it was enough to leave a lasting impression.
  • Travel Tales: Galway - March 19, 2008 01:20 AM
    I love Galway and that is not an overstatement. I’m not about to pretend to be unbiased, so if you’re looking for a completely objective report on the city, see the findingDulcinea Ireland Web Guide. For a love letter to one of the best places in Ireland, read on.
  • Travel Tales: Connemara - March 18, 2008 01:20 AM
    While studying in Galway, I took a road trip with four others to my friend’s home in Leitir Mealláin, one of three islands off the coast of Connemara.
  • Travel Tales: Limerick - March 17, 2008 01:20 AM
    As a child, my experience of Ireland wasn’t so much about visiting castles or carousing all night in a crowded pub with a pint of Guinness and a rugby match on the “telly”—that would come later.  Back then, it was simply time to be with family.  My granny had six daughters, one son and 21 grandchildren.  Only my mother and one sister had moved to the States, so visiting Ireland meant a few weeks’ playtime with a gaggle of children, a few teenagers and six harried-looking mothers who laughed off their exhaustion.
  • February, 2008

  • Travel Tales: Outdoor Portland, Oregon - February 29, 2008 12:15 AM
    Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I developed, among other regional traits, an inexplicable tolerance for wet climates and an appreciation for the natural beauty in the city (although the rarity of that beauty wasn’t apparent until I moved away). And it is the first that leads to the second; as infamous as Portland’s rain is, it is the reason that the city is so decorated with natural greenery, and why there are so many great outdoor things to do and see in the City of Roses.
  • Travel Tales: Cape Cod, Massachusetts - February 28, 2008 12:15 AM
    I think of Cape Cod as a land of dichotomies: the place where beauty meets adventure. It was the first landing spot of the Pilgrims, but they left for better soil. It’s home to fishing villages, party towns, exquisite beaches, and expensive artwork. A vacation spot that many visit to escape from the world, it’s also the site of the first transatlantic wireless communication. Below are some of the best ways to be enthralled, or just chill, on the Cape.
  • Travel Tales: The Florida Keys - February 27, 2008 12:15 AM
    Key West may be immortalized in the song, “Margaritaville,” but I was a devotee of the Florida Keys long before I reached the legal drinking age. As a camper at Seacamp, part of the Newfound Harbor Marine Institute on Big Pine Key, I was focused on mastering the techniques behind research dives and tagging sharks, but also managed to discover that Key West hosts a thriving community of artists. In the years that followed, I’ve had a chance to explore the many sides of the Florida Keys.
  • Travel Tales: San Francisco - February 26, 2008 12:15 AM
    Whenever someone asks me where I'm from, I hesitate before answering. Sure, I spent the majority of my adolescence (fighting over clothes with my sister, breaking my retainer in the blissfully ignorant hope my parents wouldn't make me wear it, and feeling the world had done me wrong) in Connecticut, but like Tony Bennett says, I left my heart in San Francisco.
  • Travel Tales: Cold Spring - February 25, 2008 12:15 AM
    A travel story about Cold Spring, New York, a sleepy village getaway described from the perspective of a seasoned visitor and Upstate New York resident, including links to tourist attractions, lesser-known spots, unique stores, and more.
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