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Super Bowl

    March, 2008

  • Tampa Super Bowl XLIII Visitor's Guide - March 31, 2008 04:09 PM
    For Super Bowl XLIII, Tampa is sure to be packed with ravenous fans hungry for football, food and entertainment. Sidestep the chaos by planning ahead. The Tampa Super Bowl XLIII Visitor's Guide covers transportation, places to stay, activities for families, and nightlife and entertainment for seasoned NFL fans. 
  • Tampa Travel - March 31, 2008 04:09 PM
    Tampa doesn’t draw the throngs of tourists that Orlando and Miami do, but this quiet city halfway down Florida’s west coast is a traveler’s delight. Absorb Cuban culture, relax on gorgeous beaches or enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Use this Tampa Travel Web Guide to discover Tampa Bay’s attractions and activities, find a hotel and a flight via the Web’s best search engines, and learn how to get around when you arrive.
  • January, 2008

  • Super Bowl XLII: Patriots vs. Giants - January 23, 2008 09:30 AM
    Congratulations to Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning, and the Super Bowl-champion New York Giants. Plaxico Burress caught a 13-yard touchdown pass with just 35 seconds left in the game, as the Giants shocked the unbeaten Patriots 17-14 to win the third Super Bowl in franchise history. findingDulcinea has the game covered, with links to post-game reactions and analysis from New York, Boston, and everywhere else.
  • Super Bowl XLIII: Steelers vs. Cardinals - January 23, 2008 09:30 AM
    On Sunday, Feb. 1, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals will take the field at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium to play Super Bowl XLIII. Learn the history of the game, and find the best sources for news, stats and analysis from mainstream media sites, independent sites and fan blogs.
  • Watching the Super Bowl: Planning your Celebration - January 21, 2008 10:00 AM
    You can’t control who wins or loses, but you can control how and where you watch the game. We’ve collected the best Web sites to help you throw a Super Bowl party, and all the information you’ll need about scoring the right TV for the game, too.
  • December, 2007

  • Football - December 30, 2007 03:10 PM
    When Bradbury Robinson of St. Louis University threw an oval-shaped ball to teammate Jack Schneider in 1906, he not only completed the first forward pass in history, he created an American sensation. A century later, football is the largest spectator sport in the United States, with the Super Bowl drawing in excess of 90 million television viewers annually. As one would expect, there are quality football Web sites in every nook of cyberspace, offering everything from rules and regulations to team and player information for nearly every conceivable level of competition. For a Spanish-language version of the Guide, click here.
  • Super Bowl XLIII - December 22, 2007 06:14 PM
    On Feb. 1, the football world will turn its attention to Tampa, Fla., for Super Bowl XLIII. The first Super Bowl was played in front of 30,000 empty seats, but today the game is a national event associated as much with parties, TV commercials, gambling, and an overwhelming media blitz as it is with actual football. We have guides to get you ready for every part of Super Bowl Sunday, from the action on the field, to the festivities in Tampa, to your party at home.

    If you're planning to trek to Tampa to take in the Super Bowl action live on the field, use our Tampa Super Bowl XLIII Visitor's Guide to find a flight, hotel room and rental car, plus insider tips on the best places to party around the city.

    For fans watching from home, get pumped up for the big event with our guide to Super Bowl XLIII, featuring the best sources for finding news, analysis and multimedia for the game and the teams involved.