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New Digital Reader Cooler than Kindle?

September 10, 2008 05:53 AM
by Isabel Cowles
A new digital reading device has been introduced by Plastic Logic to compete with Amazon’s Kindle, offering a larger screen, lighter weight and sleeker design.

The Plastic Logic Reader: lighter, sleeker, stronger?

Amazon’s reading device Kindle has been selling faster than Amazon can produce it, but it may soon face serious competition.

Plastic Logic recently demonstrated a digital reading device
intended to compete with the Kindle at the DEMO technology convention. At the present time, the device has neither an official name nor a release date.

Longer, wider, thinner and more durable than the Kindle, the Plastic Logic reader weighs less than one pound. Because it is made from plastic, the device is built to withstand being knocked or dropped.
The larger size is meant to appeal to businesspeople who read newspapers and financial publications. “Research confirms professionals read much more business content than recreational content. They require access to all formats of digital content at their fingertips, and want a large readable screen,” explains Plastic Logic CEO Richard Archuleta.

In addition to newspapers and magazines, the reader will also display e-books. It offers Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port , but unlike Kindle, Plastic Logic is not Wi Fi enabled. The company intends to install wireless capabilities into its reader soon.

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