Facebook is Big Business for Those Looking for Jobs, Clients

May 01, 2008 03:03 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Once primarily a social arena for college students, Facebook is now widely used as a job-hunting and marketing tool.

30-Second Summary

Once primarily used to find pictures of long-lost friends from elementary school, Facebook now serves as a way to establish professional connections and search for employment. The faltering economy has caused enterprising people of all ages to turn to Facebook as a way to spread information. Christine Pon Chin, a real estate buyer, said that Facebook helped her find “additional buyers and sellers for the future.”

Only two years ago, students were concerned that potential employers would judge them based on their Facebook pages, a practice they felt would be “unethical.”

Those who still use the social networking site for personal, not professional reasons, worry about protocol when they are “friended” by their bosses.

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