Paul Sakuma/Associated Press
Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the new Apple iPhone 3G at the Apple Worldwide
Developers Conference in San Francisco, Monday, June 9, 2008.

Cheaper, Faster iPhone to Debut in July

June 10, 2008 06:00 AM
by Liz Colville
Apple's iPhone 3G will run on AT&T's 3G wireless data network, faster than the current EDGE, and will take a price cut. The 8GB model will be $199, and the 16GB model $299.

30-Second Summary

The iPhone 3G will be released in the U.S. July 11 and will be rolled out to dozens of countries soon after. A June 9 presentation by Steve Jobs at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference unveiled the new version of the device, which includes many more applications, cosmetic changes, GPS navigation and a switch to AT&T's faster 3G network.

Industry insiders have proposed improvements for the iPhone since the first days of its release in July 2007. The device’s difficult-to-master keyboard and slow data network are among the complaints, as well as its lack of true GPS navigation.

Engadget, in its exhaustive coverage of the new iPhone's features and buzz from around the Web, writes that "Apple's taking a lot of the criticisms to heart from the first time around." They have scrapped the embedded headphone jack, expanded international accessibility and, best of all, lowered the price to compete with devices like the BlackBerry and Treo.

Despite all the journalistic buzz, which includes a Forbes magazine “stakeout” of Apple's shipping last week, no one had concrete information about the new release until after Jobs's presentation, which is typical of the secretive Apple.

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