LOL (Look Out for the Lamppost)

May 16, 2008 12:36 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Walking into things while sending text messages is the latest item on a seemingly endless list of dangers to preoccupied cell phone users.

30-Second Summary

Private British information and directory assistance number 118 118 and Living Streets, a charity organization that works to make cities more accommodating to pedestrians, teamed up to produce a video clip that showed Londoners bumping into lampposts and other objects while sending text messages from cell phones and BlackBerrys.

The publicity stunt included padding lampposts on Brick Lane, a busy London street, with large bumpers emblazoned with 118 118’s logo.

The clip, which made it onto news network ITN, turned out to be a covert advertisement for the charity and the information line, and the bumpers were taken down within a day. But it focused attention on the dangers of using portable electronic devices while performing other tasks.

Arizona, Connecticut and Washington state are considering laws prohibiting text messaging while driving. Four other states and the District of Columbia already ban behind-the-wheel cell phone use outright.

The New Jersey state legislature may take things even further, as a proposed bill would ban cell phone use while riding a bicycle. Says one area bicycle shop owner, “It's absolutely ridiculous.”

Headline Link: ‘Texting and Walking: Dangerous Mix’

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