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Chicago-based toy company Lund and
Company's hydrogen-powered toy rocket.

Toy Company Developing Variable-Speed Gun for Army

July 23, 2008 12:13 PM
by Denis Cummings
Inspired by a toy rocket, Lund’s Variable Velocity Weapon System (VWS) will have different settings, allowing the shooter to kill, wound or merely bruise the target.

30-Second Summary

The U.S. Army has commissioned Chicago-based toy company Lund and Company Invention to build a gun that can shoot bullets at varying speeds. The idea for the gun was inspired by Lund’s hydrogen-powered toy rocket.

According to CEO Bruce Lund, the combustion chamber behind the bullet will contain a mix of air and either a liquid or gaseous fuel. This mixture will control the explosive capability of the propellant, which determines the velocity of the bullet.

Currently, soldiers and police officers use different guns for lethal and nonlethal use. The VWS would allow them to use the same gun for all purposes, but some experts believe this is risky.

“In a high-stress, high-personal-risk zone, there will be a real temptation for soldiers to turn the tuneable lethality switch up to ‘kill’ mode so that all doubt is removed,” says Steve Wright, a security expert at Leeds Metropolitan University.

The VWS can also be advantageous for shooters who want to adjust the weapon’s power based on distance from the target or the sound of the release.

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