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New Documents Offer Look at Microsoft’s Next Operating System

August 05, 2008 04:07 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Internal documents obtained by a software magazine preview Microsoft’s explorations into an Internet-based operating system called Midori.

30-Second Summary

The tech world is discussing a Software Development Times story about a Microsoft project called Midori, which the BBC describes as “software that will take over when [Microsoft] retires Windows.”

“Building Midori from the ground up to be connected underscores how much computing has changed since Microsoft’s engineers first designed Windows; there was no Internet as we understand it today, the PC was the user’s sole device and concurrency was a research topic” wrote David Worthington in SD Times.

Midori would use cloud computing. Les Jenkins of the blog Stupid Evil Bastard explains that this means someone buys services over the Internet instead of installing software on a personal computer.

Microsoft representatives told the BBC that Midori is one of many projects the company is working on.

Peter Bright at Ars Technica, said that whatever the company’s operating system plans are, “Microsoft cannot let the problems that plagued the development of Windows Vista recur.”

The software giant is also planning to use touch technology for its next version of Windows, which is slated for release in the next few years.

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