Apple Sells Half a Million iPhones

July 02, 2007 03:28 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Following one of the technology world's largest ever public relations campaigns, the iPhone's tremendous first-weekend success has far-reaching implications for the future of the cell phone industry.

30 Second Summary

It has been called the "God Phone" and the "Jesus Phone," but after selling 525,000 iPhones in the first weekend of its release, most are just calling it a success.

Apple's entry into the wireless industry has received favorable reviews from most major technology pundits, with many agreeing that the iPhone's innovative design, interface, and applications make up for its problems.

But perhaps just as intriguing as the gadget itself was the phenomenal amount of attention and fanfare created during the run-up to its release. Technophiles the country over camped outside of Apple stores for days before the phone's June 29 release. People sold their spots in line, stood in line to raise money for charities, and auctioned off their newly purchased iPhones for as much as twice the retail price.

Now the question is what affect the iPhone will have on the cell phone industry at large. Despite being a boon for AT&T, with whom Apple has an exclusive service agreement, most analysts agree that the iPhone will have only a small negative impact on the bottom lines of cell phone giants like Nokia.

Many believe that the iPhone will influence both the design and functions offered in future cell phones, pushing companies to better combine the utility of smart phones like the BlackBerry with Apple's sleek design.


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PC World's editors give a similar review, writing that "the revolutionary multi-touch navigation system really is intuitive and fun ... [and] its browser, while not as versatile as the one on your notebook, is still impressive." However, the editors also note that "there are disappointments, too ... [like] the absence of instant messaging and office suite applications."


Despite the iPhone's seeming popularity, there are a number of phone companies turning out cheaper phones with the hope that consumers won't be willing to pay $499-$599. PC World details five comparable phones, comparing each phone's features to Apple's newest gadget.


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