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Cubs Fan Can’t Sell Loyalty On EBay

October 10, 2008 05:15 PM
by Denis Cummings
A Chicago Cubs fan tried to sell his loyalty to the team on eBay, one of the many strange items that have been put on the online auction site.

‘I Can’t Take It Anymore’

Scot Moore, a 30-year-old Minneapolis resident, put his allegiance to the Cubs on eBay soon after the Cubs finished their 100th consecutive season without a World Series title. “In the interest of sparing my emotions from one more gut-wrenching season, I am auctioning off my loyalty to the Chicago Cubs," he wrote in the item description.

Moore offered to burn his Cubs memorabilia and become a fan of whatever team the winning bidder chose, while donating the money to local theater troupes backed by a nonprofit. Bids reached $7,100 before eBay pulled the auction on Wednesday, ruling that it violated the Web site’s policy to sell only tangible items.

The auction is similar to one held by Royals fan Chad Carroll in 2006. A friend purchased Carroll’s loyalty for $278.47, outbidding a Yahoo sportswriter and a local minor league team. “I did 25 years,” Carroll said of his time as a Royals fan. “That’s enough time. I’m paroled. I’m gone. I’ve been released on good behavior.”

Opinion & Analysis: Giving up on the team

Moore’s auction has been met with confusion and disapproval. Chicago White Sox blog White Sox Cards unsurprisingly thinks Moore’s idea is foolish. “Take away the important part of the auction, which is the charity donation, and this is one of the stupidest things I have ever seen on eBay,” it says. “One can’t simply switch team loyalties because someone pays him enough money. The heart wants what the heart wants. It is not swayed easily by large sums of cash.”

Ben Schorzman in the University of Oregon’s Daily Emerald believes that, if Moore is willing to sell his loyalty, he was never loyal to begin with. “I would bet one of the bleacher bums who sits in the outfield during every single game at Wrigley Field would agree with me when I say that Scot Moore was never a true fan of the Cubbies,” he writes. “So if you intend to ‘spare your emotions from another gut-wrenching season’ and you ‘can’t take it any longer,’ find a new hobby, because being a fan isn’t it.”

Moore may be making his decision at the wrong time, says Chicago Sun-Times columnist Greg Couch, who points out that the Cubs are better now than they have been in decades. “Quitting? Now? The Cubs are good now,” he writes. “The Cubs are trying now. They are spending money on players and on a good manager. … Now that they’ve decided to try, you’re leaving because they lost?”

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EBay has held similarly odd auctions, such as an atheist who sold his soul to a Christian, a divorced man who sold his life and a female student who tried selling her virginity.

There have also been many auctions for strange sports memorabilia, such as players’ garbage, hair and, in one famous case, chewed gum. However, eBay shut down an auction held by pitcher Jeff Nelson, who tried selling his bone chips removed during surgery.

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