Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham

Beckham Jersey Sparks Lawsuit

May 02, 2008 04:25 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
A dispute between two young best friends over the ownership of a David Beckham jersey escalates, revealing the ugly side of the sports  memorabilia market.

30-Second Summary

The two friends from Honolulu, aged nine and ten, attended a game between the Los Angeles Galaxy and Japan's Gamba Osaka at Hawaii's Aloha Stadium.

After the game, David Beckham gave his number 23 jersey to the boys. Unable to agree on who should keep the jersey, the boys appear headed to decide ownership in court.

One of the boys' parents, Eric and Yoshika Kerr, say their son is the rightful owner because he attracted Beckham's attention by holding up a sign throughout the game. The parents of the other boy, Wilfred and Yoshika Ho, argue that their son was handed the jersey first. A friendly "joint custody" agreement between the two families did not succeed, and the families are now suing each other.

A friend of Beckham said, "The last thing he'd want is best friends falling out over something like this. Hopefully, common sense will prevail and they can sort it out."

The fight over the jersey brings to light the soaring prices of sports memorabilia, and the lengths that some fans will go to secure valuable souvenirs.

In September, Rockies fan Robert Harmon thought he had come away with Barry Bonds’ 762nd—and possibly final—home run. But a scramble for the ball and a dropped souvenir from batting practice have led to some confusion over who has the real piece of history, further complicated by another fan's claim of ownership.

Considering the sums involved, it is no surprise that battles in the stands and in the courtrooms have become almost commonplace as fans and even players clamor for keepsakes.

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