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Bernann McKinney holds one of five
cloned pitbull puppies during her first
meeting with them in Seoul, South Korea.

Woman Who Cloned Pitbull May Be British Sex Abuse Fugitive

August 08, 2008 04:33 PM
by Rachel Balik
Bernann McKinney, who has received attention for being the first consumer to have her pet cloned, reportedly fled England after a bizarre sex scandal in the '70s.

Bernann McKinney May Be Same Woman From 70s Sex Scandal

California resident Bernann McKinney got a $100,000 price cut for agreeing to do free publicity on behalf of RNL Bio, the Korean company that produced five clones of her deceased pit bull, Booger, in early August.

But the media attention bestowed upon Bernann McKinney made it easy for reporters to realize that she bore a striking resemblance to Joyce McKinney, a former beauty queen who was arrested in England in 1977 after allegedly kidnapping Mormon missionary Kirk Anderson and sexually abusing him while holding him hostage in a remote cottage for two weeks. Anderson claimed that McKinney chained him to a bed and forced him to have intercourse with her.

However, Bernann McKinney told the Times of London that she is not the same woman who fled England illegally years ago. “That’s garbage, that’s rot,” she said. The Times article includes a recent photo of Bernann and an old photo of Joyce to illustrate the similarity.

Background: The sex scandal; McKinney has pit bull cloned

Joyce McKinney kept Anderson in a cottage in Devon, The Times of London wrote in 1977. Prosecutors said that Anderson was kidnapped and tied to the bed, an unwilling partner. But McKinney claimed that she and Anderson were consensual lovers while he was chained up, and that he agreed to participate in “bondage sex.”

The Guardian reports that, during committal proceedings for the case, McKinney said of Anderson, “I loved him so much that I would ski naked down Mount Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to.” The two had gone to college together in the United States, and McKinney hired a private investigator to find Anderson. She then followed him England, where he had been stationed for missionary work. After her arrest and subsequent hearings, she was in jail for three months before posting bail and escaping to Canada and, eventually, back to the United States, where she reportedly posed as a nun in an area near the Tennessee-North Carolina border. In 1993, says The Guardian, she broke into a pound to rescue a pit bull that was on death row for attacking and injuring joggers. The article surmises that the vicious dog is likely the now copiously cloned Booger.
Bernann McKinney gained publicity as RNL Bio’s first customer after commissioning the company to clone her dead pit bull, Booger, and she is bringing home the first commercially cloned puppies in August, findingDulcinea reported. McKinney began looking for someone to clone her dog as soon as she found out he had cancer. She claims she had found him by the side of the road and, soon after she brought him home, he rescued her from an attack by another dog. They were both injured in the attack, and pet and owner healed together. “Everywhere Booger went, he’d spread his special brand of magic,” McKinney told the Baltimore Sun. She says he helped her get dressed and brought her clean clothes from the dryer and sodas from the fridge.

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