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Parenting Gets a Boost With Online Nanny Program

September 02, 2008 06:56 AM
by Lindsey Chapman
A new Web site helps parents and kids make sure household chores are completed—minus the nagging.

A Personal Nanny

The Washington Post calls the Web site Nanny’s Circle “the newest face of outsourced parenting.” For $9.95 a month, parents can use Nanny’s Circle to keep their kids informed about chores they must complete. Kids check off the tasks they accomplish (in real life) on a virtual chore list, and parents can that ensure the job has been completed by adding a check mark of their own.

Nanny’s Circle differs from other family organization Web sites because it’s also equipped with games and activities to keep kids entertained. Kids don’t seem to mind the program, either. Before using Nanny’s Circle, Lauren Brieant told the Washington Post her mom did a lot of nagging. "Now she doesn't have to do that. I think it's more fun to go on the computer anyway."

Parenting gadgets come in a multitude of forms today. But whether they’re good or bad seems to be up for debate. Spy technology, for example, allows moms and dads the chance to be “mini-James Bonds,” Dr. Donald L. Shifrin told the Chicago Daily Herald. “It's a double-edged sword: one side is good, and one side is bad.” Something like a GPS tracker on a backpack could save a child’s life if they are kidnapped. However, the Daily Herald reports, “Secrecy breeds secrecy,” and keeping such close tabs on a child could inspire them to try harder to keep secrets from adults.

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The International Herald Tribune uses the cognitive development theories of psychologist Jean Piaget to help explain when children will be ready to use various types of technology, including cell phones, video games, iPods and computers.

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