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George Ann Mills

Voodoo Priestess Wants Payment for Cursing County Commissioner

October 09, 2008 07:56 AM
by Lindsey Chapman
A voodoo priestess says Annette Kesting, a county commissioner in Georgia, bounced checks when paying to have a curse put on rival Woody Thompson.

Bounced Check for Voodoo Curse

A voodoo priestess from South Carolina says she wants her money after being asked to place a curse on a county commissioner in Georgia. George Ann Mills said Annette Kesting, a commissioner in Cobb County, Ga., asked her to curse a rival, Woody Thompson, so that he would “catch cancer” or “have a car accident,” according to United Press International.

Kesting beat Thompson in an election in 2004, after he had already served two terms on the commission, but Thompson won the most recent election primary.

Mills said she wouldn’t be responsible for hurting Thompson, but that she was willing to “make trouble for him, to make people see who he really is,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Kesting allegedly wrote $3,000 in bad checks to Mills for her services. “I don’t think this would have ever come out if I had been paid,” Mills told the paper.
The Georgia Bureau of Investigations and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division are looking into Mills’ allegations to see whether a crime has been committed. However, SLED spokeswoman Jennifer Timmons said its legal counsel is unaware of a law that prohibits the solicitation of voodoo curses.

Reference: Voodoo

Voodoo is a practice which, in the United States, “has been sensationalized by Hollywood, demonized by Christian missionaries and parodied in New Orleans tourist shops,” according to NPR. In Florida, some voodoo followers say they hope the religion will become more mainstream with time. Haiti Consul General Ralph Latortue, who recently attended a voodoo concert in Key Biscayne, said he thought voodoo music could eventually reach MTV and iTunes.

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