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Senator Clinton Vacillates on “Dream Ticket”

June 05, 2008 04:21 PM
by Isabel Cowles
Throughout the primaries, Hillary Clinton mentioned a possible “Dream Ticket” of her and Barack Obama, but her position on the VP nomination remains unclear.

30-Second Summary

Since Illinois Senator Barack Obama effectively became the Democratic presidential candidate, new questions have emerged regarding the fate of his ticket—and New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s career.

Although many call an Obama-Clinton pairing a “dream ticket,” others wonder if it would truly be an appealing combination for voters. The protracted contest between the two candidates might also make the partnership impossible.

The dual-ticket issue was raised throughout the course of their campaigns, but Clinton has been vague about her thoughts on the pairing since Tuesday.

On June 3, the night Obama effectively won enough delegates to claim victory, Senator Clinton refused to make an official concession speech, causing some pundits to speculate that she would try to leverage her remaining power to win the Vice Presidential nomination. Earlier that day, she said she would be open to a VP spot on the Democratic ticket. Clinton has since denied seeking the VP spot.

Some argue that Clinton will have no problem enlisting superdelegates to support a vice presidential nomination, since many feel guilty for endorsing Obama as the nominee despite their longstanding ties to the Clintons.

President Jimmy Carter, who recently endorsed Senator Obama, said that selecting Senator Clinton as VP would be “the worse mistake” Obama could make.

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