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Is Hillary Clinton done?

May 09, 2008 04:48 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
by Chris Coats
As Barack Obama’s campaign sets a date to announce victory, Clinton’s supporters await her plans for the future.

30-Second Summary

After a loss in North Carolina and a slim victory in Indiana, Hillary Clinton’s supporters and the media have begun to wonder if the race is now over.

Mathematically unable to catch her opponent
in either the pledged delegates or popular vote, Clinton’s final option of convincing superdelegates to shift their support to her has been further weakened by her performance on May 6.

Clinton’s plan of appealing to the Democratic Party to seat the disqualified delegates from Florida and Michigan as they stand has also been weakened by the absence of a plan that all sides agree upon.

The two states were disqualified after moving their contests up on the primary calendar.

Meanwhile, critics and some supporters of Clinton have begun questioning how much longer she should remain in the race, with some declaring the race over.

While Clinton traveled to the capital to gauge her support among remaining congressional superdelegates, Obama’s superdelegate count continued to rise, passing the New York senator’s for the first time, according to ABC News.

Clinton also sent a PowerPoint presentation touting her electability to House members in hopes of swaying any undecided superdelegates.

Signaling May 20 as the date that Obama will surpass the 2025 delegates needed to secure the Democratic Party nomination, the Illinois senator’s campaign has shifted its attention to the Republican nominee, John McCain.

With six primaries remaining, Clinton has pledged to continue campaigning until the party has a candidate.

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