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Florida Dems Weigh Re-Vote Options

March 13, 2008 11:15 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Facing a pending deadline, Florida Democrats are racing to present to the national convention a plan for holding a repeat presidential primary.

30-Second Summary

Today, Florida Democrats are supposed to propose a statewide mail-in revote that would allow the state to seat their delegates at the party’s national convention.

The seating of Florida’s delegates, first suggested by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in early January, has become a subject of tense debate between the Democratic candidates.

Clinton supporters argue that not honoring the results of the primary would disenfranchise Florida voters, while the Obama campaign says that because the candidates pledged to suspend their campaign in the state, the results should be nullified.

However, as the June 10 deadline for allocating delegates approaches, some state officials see a mail-in vote as their only option.

Supporters of the initiative have said that the re-vote must be approved today to allow a 30-day comment period and enough time to distribute, collect and tabulate the ballots before June 10.

Florida and Michigan were both stripped of the right to seat their delegates because state Democrats disregarded national party scheduling restrictions and slated their primary for Jan. 29.

The states argued that the front-loaded primary schedule would have unfairly diminished their roles in deciding the presidential nominee.

Representatives from the Obama campaign in Michigan, and Florida’s representatives in the U.S. Senate, have said they would not support a re-vote of any kind in Florida.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson and Governor Charlie Crist have both publicly advocated a re-vote and the governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey have offered to help raise the necessary funds to pay for such a contest.

However, funding for such a plan has not been agreed upon.

Furthermore, the Members of Florida’s Democratic Delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday voiced their opposition to a re-vote, and the Obama campaign has said orchestrating a re-vote could be an “obstacle.”

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