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Clinton Wins Pennsylvania, Stays in the Race

April 23, 2008 06:00 AM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Hillary Clinton prevails in Pennsylvania, as polls predicted. But what does her victory mean for the future of this long Democratic race?

30-Second Summary:

Clinton won the Pennsylvania primary by a 10-point margin and will pick up 78 of Pennsylvania’s 158 pledged delegates.

That still leaves Obama ahead, with around 1,479 pledged delegates to Clinton's 1,328, according to the Real Clear Politics figures.

In the remaining primaries, there are only around 400 delegates up for grabs. That means that even were every voter in those states to come out for Obama—which is as good as impossible—he would still be short of the 2,024 needed to win the nomination.

Unless one of the nominees backs out, the rest of the race is a battle to win over superdelegates.

As expected, exit polls showed Clinton ahead with blue-collar workers, women and white men, while Obama picked up votes with blacks and affluent voters who recently switched to the Democratic party.

In recent weeks, Pennsylvania has been the major focus in the race as Clinton and Obama campaigned nonstop, hoping to gain a significant lead in the largest state in the remaining primaries.

The New York Times’s Adam Nagourney wrote Tuesday that only if Clinton “defeats Mr. Obama by a significant margin” of more than 10 percent can she justify continuing.

But the Clinton campaign says any good news in Pennsylvania is reason enough to celebrate.

“I think a win is a win,” Clinton said Tuesday before votes were counted. “Maybe I’m old-fashioned about that.”

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