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As Pennsylvania Polls Narrow, So Do Clinton’s Chances

April 05, 2008 10:13 PM
by findingDulcinea Staff
Clinton is gambling on a popular vote resurgence, a tidal shift of superdelegates, or an implosion in the Obama campaign to win her the nomination.

30-Second Summary

Among campaign analysts, the topic of the last week has been the possibility of Clinton dropping out of the race.

Her campaign, however, has insisted that a clear victory against Barack Obama is still possible, but through untraditional means.

Facing a deficit in pledged delegates, the official measurement by which a nominee is chosen, Clinton and her campaign have argued that she may win without them after the remaining 10 primaries have been held, if the decision comes down to a measure of the popular vote.

Yet, Clinton is currently trailing Obama in the popular vote by about 700,000. 

While this scenario would not secure Clinton the nomination, she and others have argued that a popular vote win could help bring superdelegates over to her side, overturning Obama’s delegate lead.

Support from the superdelegates, the 793 elected officials and party leaders charged with deciding close races, would provide the New York Senator the only possible path to the Democratic nomination. 

With polls narrowing in Pennsylvania, the site of the largest remaining primaries—Clinton’s best chance of closing her popular vote and delegate gap—some observers have pointed to an all out collapse of the Obama campaign as her only path to victory.

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