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Gerald Herbert/AP
Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska

Politicians Rid Themselves of Stevens Contributions

August 01, 2008 08:00 AM
by Lindsey Chapman
Following the indictment of Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, many politicians are giving away the money he contributed to their campaigns.

30-Second Summary

At least four Republican senators “in tough re-election campaigns” have announced plans to part with financial contributions Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens made to their campaigns through his Northern Lights political action committee, according to MSNBC.

Much of the money is going to charity.

Stevens was recently charged with hiding gifts he received from an oil services company.

During this campaign cycle, he has contributed more than $340,000 to political candidates, including each Republican senator up for reelection in 2008.

Individuals donating money they received from Stevens include Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Gordon Smith of Oregon and John Sununu of New Hampshire.

Sen. Pat Roberts, a member of the Senate Ethics committee, has also ordered that contributions he received from Stevens be donated to charity. Coincidentally, the ethics committee may end up investigating Stevens’s actions.

Many Republicans are in tough races this year, and parting with their “Stevens’ money” could be a sign to Stevens “that his support within the party may be slipping,” writes MSNBC.

Jim Wooten of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote, “Look, if Republicans sink further from control of the U.S. Senate, or if the Democrats gain a filibuster-proof majority, because a corrupt GOP senator is indicted, so be it.”

Nicolle Wallace, a senior adviser to presidential candidate John McCain said McCain believes in a “presumption of innocence” for Stevens, according to Reuters.

McCain has, however, decided to donate the money he received from Stevens as well.

Stevens is to appear in federal District Court in Washington, D.C., for arraignment on July 31.

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